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Oh sure, you'd think that state government would have an interest in expanding constitutional protections to its constituents, but then you'd be some kind of commie like those bleeding hearts in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada... or the 17 other states (including Washington, D.C.) that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and/or sexual orientation. In Idaho, it is up to individual cities to enact ordinances protecting gay, lesbian and transgender citizens from discrimination in the workplace and housing market. Starting in the small North Idaho town of Sandpoint in 2011, citywide anti-discrimination ordinances have since been enacted in Boise, Moscow, Ketchum and Coeur d'Alene. Cities including Lewiston, Twin Falls and Pocatello have approved less expansive protections, and now Idaho Falls is considering an ordinance of its own. Meanwhile, at their annual meeting in June 2013, Idaho Republicans threatened to pursue legislation allowing them to overturn the local measures. We have a couple of words we'd like to add to that, but we can't print them.

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