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Native Taters

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Boise Weekly editorial staff is willing to do many things in the name of research. We have to admit we had no complaints about putting in a few extra hours when the assignment was testing the food at some of Boise's mobile eateries. But when our A&E editor and our editor stopped at Native Taters, a trailer in a parking lot, they were initially apprehensive. Though the editor has eaten unpronounceable (often unidentifiable) foods on several continents and the A&E editor has a VIP card at McDonald's, purchasing food from a place housed on the asphalt outside a smoke shop was a daring move for both of them. But one spoonful of the homemade baked potato soup--topped with sour cream, bacon, cheese and green onions--followed up by a chewy, melty bite of the beef Ortega sandwich and their fears were immediately assuaged. It's the kind of place that once people get past their own incredulity ("A trailer in the parking lot of a Tobacco Connection? Seriously?"), they're forever grateful for the recommendation.

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