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KIVI Channel 6's Music Video Channel

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Before television went digital, there was plenty fanfare announcing that we would no longer only have channels 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 12. We were prepared for the additional channels each network would offer and sat with our big bowls of popcorn and giant refillable mugs of soda as we flipped through the extra channels at the appointed time. But one day not so long ago, without warning, we felt as if we had stepped into a Hot Tub TV Time Machine: Channel 6.3, The Cool TV, was suddenly airing music videos as if it was 1985 when the M in MTV still stood for "music" and not "make mo' money." We're thrilled to have that classic form of song-meets-screen as a viewing option 24 hours per day, we just wish someone had let us know it was going to happen. We would have changed into something nicer.

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