Best Sumo Surprise in a Strip Mall

Yokozuna Teriyaki

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With a devilishly grinning sumo wrestler as its logo, Yokozuna Teriyaki in the Vista Village shopping center looks like one of those marginal everything-comes-in-a-combo eateries you find in mall food courts. Looks can be deceiving. The only thing Yokozuna's Japanese-influenced cuisine has in common with mall food is that it is served fast, but that's where the comparisons end. Big portions of sticky rice, flame-broiled meats, sauteed veggies, noodle dishes, sushi, katsu, curry, miso soup, gyoza, bubble tea ... and if you can't leave your home or office to go get a healthy meal, Yokozuna will deliver it to you. Turns out the sumo is smiling because he knows one of the best-kept secrets in town.

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