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Parrots and Stuff

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When selling a wide variety of bird-related wares, a store can try to encompass all that in its name, or it can slap on a "and Stuff." This pet store seems like pure fun. If the clerks are busy tending to the birds, the phone greeting kicks in, complete with multiple bird noises in the background.

All squawking aside, a bird lover can find all types of birds at Parrots and Stuff, including macaws, parakeets and parrots. The "stuff" part of the name means premium bulk foods, toys, cages and professional grooming. Boasting "hand-fed babies," the health of the birds appears to be very important from egg to cage. If undeterred by quick-moving fluttering things and believing in the myth that it is good fortune to be pooped on by a bird, do a fly-by and find out what all "and Stuff" is about.

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