Best South-of-the-Border

Chapala Mexican Restaurant

You don't open eight locations of your restaurant if you're doing something wrong. Chapala Mexican Restaurant clearly has a formula for success: addicting Mexican fare, a great atmosphere and low prices. For a second year, Chapala has scooped up the Best Local South-of-the-Border win, and has no place to go but arriba!

2nd Place: Enrique's Mexican Restaurant—Enrique's has long been one of the Treasure Valley's best-kept secrets, making Kuna a destination for folks jonesing for authentic Mexican fare. Sure, there are tacos and burritos, but only at Enrique's can you find Plato de Cabrito—marinated goat meat with rice, beans and onions—or its famous simmered beef tongue.

3rd Place: Andrade's Restaurante Mexicano—Tacos and burritos are par for the course, but what makes a favorite Mexican restaurant is beating expectations and riffing off established favorites. Andrade's is where Boise goes to refresh its interest in South-of-the-Border cuisine, with exemplary takes on ceviches, Mexican potatoes and skirt steak entrees.

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