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Suddenly, there are a ton of options for mobile bike repair and service in the Treasure Valley. The business formula is simple: Give them a call on your cellphone, tell them where you've stupidly run over a goathead or taco'd your front tire, and they rush to help you out of your jam. Then hop back on your bike and be happy. One type of purveyor shows up in a car--Mobile Bike, Dirt Dart or Boise Bike Wrench--which carts tools and parts to your location. But Got Fixed? by former Boise Bicycle Project head mechanic Andrew Little comes on two wheels. All of his parts and tools are carried in a special trailer behind his metal steed. Boise Bike Wrench, 829 Colfax St., Boise, 208-713-0609; Dirt Dart, 208-895-8000; Got Fixed?, 208-319-4708; Mobile Bike, 6138 N. Widgeon Way, Boise, 208-327-5555

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