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National Wildlife Federation taken in by Avimor PR machine

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We're as impressed as the next media outlet by the public relations juggernaut that is Avimor, the swanky sprawlathon of homes now under construction up Highway 55 outside of Boise. They hit a coup, earlier this year, when they got the National Wildlife Federation to recognize the development for "incorporating environmentally-enhancing stewardship concepts into their landscape design plans."

Uh huh. We hear, through the PR machinery, that Avimor was commended for "its vision to incorporate native landscaping principles to preserve the natural environment of the land being developed." Except, um, gosh: Maybe if they didn't build the damn thing, there would be more room for wildlife, fewer cars, less pollution, and fewer fenced-in yards. Just a thought. Kudos to the NWF for being the latest sucker to the circus. We'll toss that next donation solicitation.

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