Best Smoking Ski Runs

Bald Mountain

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Good ol' Baldy, the home of the fabled Sun Valley Ski Resort, is typically described as "smoking" when it's got a good dusting of cold smoke-style powder, or when you've just bombed a run on the fastest set of boards you own. But this summer, the damn thing was literally on fire, for crying out loud, and it was eerie. We liked best the uniquely Sun Valley-style attack on the fires: First, they fired up the resorts' snowmaking guns, spraying water all over the precious mountain. Then, they ran the chairlifts, to keep their cables from getting cooked and melted by lingering over any hot spots on the hill. Oh, and yes, crews were deployed to defend the multimillion-dollar Seattle Ridge Lodge, lest all that ostentatious construction were to go up in smoke. We're hoping more elemental defenses were put into practice: Has anyone at Grumpy's done any early snow dances?

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