Best ski location within 1/2-day drive from Boise

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

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Everyone knows it's Bogus. It doesn't get much better than Bogus Basin around here. Plenty of varied terrain, night skiing for after-work carving, a snowboard terrain park, short lines, lots of places to hide out in the trees, french fries, beer and you get to say Bogus and not sound foolish. Besides, sometimes just navigating the narrow, twisting road up the mountain is an adventure all its own; something around which recreationists can weave detailed and harrowing stories for years to come. Bogus Basin may not draw the Hollywood set, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It is still the place to see and be seen all winter long, or at least as long as the snow lasts. And hey, it's a nonprofit, so just think of yourself as being a community benefactor each time you fork out the cash for a lift ticket. Of course, we don't think that it's actually tax-deductible.

Second Place: Brundage Mountain resort

Third Place: Sun Valley

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