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It's hard to hate on a library. Especially so when said bookbarn is bringing its exclamation point to the retail ghost town at the intersection of Cole and Ustick. But eyes were a-rolling when patrons puttered up to the new library's grand opening and found four of the premier parking spots in the lot marked with signs reading "Fuel Efficient Parking Only," and bearing cute little stencils of Priuses. Forget the long-view justification for a moment. For this to happen at a library, one of the last come-as-you-are joints left in the non-virtual world, is inexcusable. It may just as easily have said "Folks with Ample Disposable Income Parking Only." But take comfort in reports from visitors to the library that big fat Caddys have been as common as Toyotas in the spots. Is this an elderly uprising? Probably not. The blue decals hanging from the cars' rearview mirrors make it more likely that someone was just mistaking the spots for those reserved for the disabled.

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