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20th Century Legs

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Sign spinners have become so common, this is a remarkably tough choice. The over-enthusiastic mattress guy at Fairview Avenue and Milwaukee Street? The under-enthusiastic flower guy at Franklin and Orchard roads with the sign that says, "Mention me for 10 percent off?" The hordes of sunburned Statues of Liberty that invade every tax season? The easy choice was Noodle Boy, that sullen tween wearing a giant Chinese takeout box in front of Asian Wok on State Street by 36th Street. But alas, Noodle Boy went the way of Lady Liberty and most other sign spinners and disappeared. So the next choice, clearly, is the giant one-eye, pants-free bowling pin hawking specials on State Street in front of Twentieth Century Lanes. That eye ... those legs ... those curves--it's a strange and hypnotic combination as one is hurtling home after work, and more so once you get closer and see just how hairy and male those legs are.

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