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Koi and goldfish show at Boise Depot

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"That fish is gorgeous," is something you might hear at this event. The Idaho Water Garden and Koi Society hosts this annual soiree and brings in people from different parts of the country to judge. It's a function that attracts all types to the Boise Depot to enjoy the large tanks full of colorful fish. Koi and goldfish quickly become centerpieces for garden decor. Hourly raffles are held to win a fish, providing on-site vendors new targets to convert to koi people. Resistance to joining the hobby is futile if your child is the lucky winner of a fish because you'll need somewhere to keep it. From the carp family to part of the clan, these aquatic pets can live to be the ripe age of 40 to 60 years of age. Don't smack talk the koi; they can hear three times better than the average fish, as well as taste, smell and blush when they are stressed.

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