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There's something noble about how motorcyclists, when they pull up next to one another other at a red light, nearly always share a nod and moment of camaraderie. For a moment, personality, brand, politics, horsepower--none of it matters. They're both just ridin' dudes or dudettes, even if one is on a BMW and the other on a rusty old Yamaha that sounds like a lawn mower. You'd think that bicyclists would share a similar connection, and yet as the song says, it ain't necessarily so. Those in tight pants and sporty sunglasses on carbon fiber frames do their thing, those on $10 Centurions from the Idaho Youth Ranch do theirs. No nods at red lights, no half-waves on the Greenbelt. Anymore, you're lucky to get an "on your left" before being left in a cloud of dust and pine needles. You know ... just saying is all (sniff).

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