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When Boise Weekly chronicled the house of cards that was Bridge Resources in October 2011, most Idaho politicians and business leaders were still singing the praises of the Canada-based company, which was going to usher the Gem State into a new era of natural gas exploration. But in due time, even Bridge's staunchest supporters sheepishly acknowledged the company's money-losing operations in the North Sea, its land deals with hundreds of Idaho ranchers, and the ultimate plummet of its share value on the Toronto Stock Exchange. When Bridge's CEO finally returned our call (five months after our story), Nick Clayton said he was "in a desperate attempt to save this company." Bridge ended up selling most of its assets from Payette County gas exploration operations. Is Bridge out of the picture? Not by a long shot. We've learned that they still have interests in the latest round of gas exploration, now being piloted by Snake River Oil and Gas.

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