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Martinis at The Mode Lounge

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"The art of the martini" is a redundant phrase for aficionados of the drink--the martini is art. As plenty of pedants will tell you, a martini is not really a martini unless it contains two basic ingredients: gin (or in modern times, vodka) and dry vermouth. It can be garnished with a green olive or a twist of lemon and must be served "up," in a stemmed--preferably chilled--martini glass. The science on shaken vs. stirred is still out, according to no less than the Royal Society of Chemistry, and cases can be made for and against either technique: stirring gets rid of the oily character of potato vodka and keeps booze from getting watered down by ice, while shaking thoroughly mixes the flavors and with a bit of dilution keeps your tipple from tasting like lighter fuel. The mixologists at The Modeave studied up on their martini science. Boise Weekly loves a crisp, balanced gin martini, and that's exactly what we got on a series of summertime visits. Big ups.

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