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Table Rock

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So one day this summer, a BW staffer was invited by some rec-minded friends to hike Table Rock at the break of day. Thinking the strenuous trail would provide a quiet, people-free start before a long day in the trenches, she showed up at the trailhead prepared to commune with nature with nothing but the sunrise and her two friends to witness the pre-coffee sweat it takes to get up that hill. People-free it was not. In fact, so many women gathered in the parking lot stretching and chatting before beating feet that she wondered if this were some secret women's hiking group and whether she'd be made to engage in some scary hazing ritual (like, say, drinking beer from a bed pan, as another exercise clan had required of her). But beer—nor hazing of any kind, thankfully—was not a part of the morning's hike. Turns out Table Rock is just a helluva popular trail to tackle before the heat settles in for the day. And for good reason, too. Its all-uphill start gets your blood moving more quickly than a quad-espresso and jumper cables, and truly, the sunrise over the valley ain't a bad way to start the day.

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