Best Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Chris Kelly and Jon Duane back on the air at KFXD 630-AM

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We admit to shamelessly loving the return of radio's best odd couple, Chris and Jon in the mornings on the new 630-AM. Although we hear the complaints from the fans of classic country music, which used to play on the signal, there's nothing like having longtime pros behind the mics talking about local doings. OK, here's our giant conflict of interest, up front: They regularly allow BW folks, from Editor Shea Andersen to Arts and Entertainment Editor Amy Atkins, to come onto the show and talk about what's going on around town and in the pages of this paper. Now, if we could only stop Jon from accusing Amy of coming in to do the show hung over on Friday mornings, we'd be even more enthusiastic about their show. Until then, all we can say is, watch your back, fellah.

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