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There's really nothing better than being greeted at the door of a restaurant like you're a dear old friend returning after a long absence. OK, so it's a little startling at first, especially the first time you go to that restaurant. You stand there at the door wondering, "Do I know this person?" "Should I know this person?" "I must know this person." "How do I know this person?" "Oh my God, I can't believe I don't remember this person."

But once you get over your initial panic at the thought of having committed a social faux pas, you can't help but get wrapped up in the everybody's-family-here atmosphere at Meridian's only Basque restaurant, Epi's. Located in a small converted house, the dining room and kitchen take up the majority of the first floor, so seating is still cozy. Who cares? Before you know it, you're on first-name terms with your server, and possibly the chef, not to mention your fellow diners at nearby tables. And there's always the added bonus that the food is insanely good, and there's no shortage of it. Just like Mom would make if Mom made Basque food.

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