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Death row shot glasses

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Everyone makes bad decisions now and then, and those poor decisions seem to come more readily with the addition of alcohol. Add a couple of shots to an evening and suddenly stealing a police bike to see if it has a hidden weapons systems in the frame, then leading cops on a two-wheeled chase that ends up at a daycare, seems like an awesome idea. What we all need from time to time is a little reminder that we might not need to have one more. And what's better than staring at the mugshot of a long-dead death row inmate to slap us back to sobriety. The gift shop in the Idaho State Historical Museum offers a set of shot glasses featuring death row inmates from Idaho's past--something to remind us that turning down a drink is easier than tackling the business end of a police dog. 610 Julia Davis Drive, Boise, 208-334-2120,

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