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Boise State Football remains in the Mountain West

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There were two inevitabilities on Dec. 31, 2012. One was that quite a few people would be drunk by midnight. The other was that Boise State University would keep its sports program, particularly football, in the Mountain West Conference. And instead of a champagne toast, Boise State thumbed its nose at the Big East, reneging on a previous pledge to join that conference. Boise State crafted a sweet deal by helping Mountain West ink a new broadcast contract with CBS Sports. Additionally, Boise State will pocket an additional $300,000 if it appears on national television (CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN), with a bonus of $200,000 if that game is on a Saturday. Staying in the Mountain West also provides a bit of a bonus for Broncos fans who like to travel with the team. Three 2013 road games are within about 500 miles or less. Compare that to one game in that radius during the 2012 season and none in 2011.

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