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Diamond Lil's/The Longhorn

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Let's be honest, having a DD (as in designated driver rather than a cup-size reference) is completely unnecessary in the city. Inevitably, the DD's "just one shot of tequila" turns into five, and you end up getting a cab anyway. We say cab it all the way when you're in Boise and leave the rock-paper-scissors for the times when cabfare is cost prohibitive. Like when you want to drive "the loop." Stop one: Ben's Crow Inn. Stop two: Kodiak Grill (formerly the Hilltop Cafe). Stop three: The Rocks Lodge. Stop four: Diamond Lil's in Idaho City. It's best to make stop four a long one with food, an extended potty break and a lesson in the history of U.S. currency. Once you're fed, relieved and learned, you're on your way to Lowman. Hang a right at Crouch. Abrupt stop at "the joint," formally known as The Longhorn. Hang your hat long enough for homemade pie. On your way out of town, pull into the Dirty Shame for a game of shuffleboard and a round of shots. High tail it south on Highway 55, stopping in Horseshoe Bend if you can, sissy.

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