Best Reason to Go Back to Stone Tablets

Tom Luna plugs into another high-tech controversy

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Less than a year after getting his knuckles rapped by voters, who rejected his so-called Luna Laws, Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna can't seem to stay away from controversy. In his eagerness to proselytize laptop-centered education, Luna hastily granted a five-year, $2.5 million deal with a Wi-Fi contractor (with an option to extend to 15 years). But Luna seemed to forget that the Idaho Legislature only gave him permission to craft a no more than one-year deal. Making matters worse, we learned that Luna received $6,000 in campaign funding from the winning bidder, Education Networks of America. It was later hinted that Luna might be in line for a top job with ENA, but both Luna and ENA denied the rumor. Oh, Tom. What would we ever do without you?

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