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The king of cheap but quality Tex-Mex food in Boise is Pollo Rey. The restaurant known for the rotisserie oven that roasts full chickens over hot flames wears the cheap crown with panache, if not cocked slightly to the side in a coy hint at the variety of affordable options a hungry customer can order. From the fully stocked salsa bar to the gussied-up baked potatoes with bacon bits, cheese and sour cream, it's all made fresh. A famished regular can order a simple quesadilla, or the plain bean and cheese burrito--the El Cheapo--comes in chico (small) or regular, which takes both hands to tackle the girth. Or venture into fish tacos without spending a fortune. Dining out at Pollo Rey is so affordable, BW staffers have been known to hit it up almost as often as the paper comes out.

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