Best Reason to be a Know-It-All Drinker

Booze Clues at Pengilly's Saloon

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E.J. Pettinger is a genius. Regular BW readers know this, having had their funny bones tickled weekly for seven years by Pettinger's off-kilter, blunt-as-it-comes humor in "Mild Abandon." Booze Clues, though, is a chance to watch that wit in action. Tuesday evenings, Pettinger takes his post up on stage at Pengilly's. When the action starts, it's the kind of trivia game that could only happen in the digital age. Pettinger asks the question. Participants in varying degrees of inebriation huddle and consult briefly about the answer before one or all of the group members hit speed dial on their cell phones and dial up Pengilly's. Pettinger answers deadpan: "Booze Clues." The crowd is always thick, and the phone line is often busy. If you're lucky enough to get through, you better be lucky enough to have the answer.

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