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Curb Cup's Cancellation

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Curb Cup was a celebration of creativity that Boise developer Mark Rivers founded as a way to bring people into downtown Boise on a Sunday in August, when most folks are out fishing, rafting or otherwise enjoying summertime recreational activities. The first Curb Cup in 2009 brought out a whopping--and unexpected--30,000 people to watch the 100-plus acts dance, sing, joke, hula hoop, belly dance, prestidigitate and every other kind of family friendly performance imaginable. During the 2010 Curb Cup, attendance by both performers and onlookers once again exceeded expectations. But the two years took a toll on Rivers' pocketbook as well as his goodwill--he felt as though the City of Boise and the shop owners in the downtown area should pony up some dough to help offset the cost of putting on an event of this scope. So Rivers took his ball and his Cup and went home. The 2011 Curb Cup wasn't exactly cancelled--it never started. Boise's powers-that-be have looked into reviving it, and Rivers has said even though he thinks Boise should have stepped up much sooner, he's willing to curb his lack of enthusiasm for those he thinks should have helped and consider holding the event again in 2012.

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