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Rock duo Vagerfly is local living proof that a band that sings about the cooter can rock. Vagerfly's Michelle Fast and Sara Mclean don't get on stage and worry whether the crowd is going to feel all safe and comfortable. With a keyboard set to sound like a 17th century harpsichord, they sing about the girls who spend hours getting dressed up just to go "shake their genitals" all up on some guy. Vagerfly doesn't take anything too seriously, and they hope audiences respond in kind. Sometimes Fast and Mclean look like they've just left a crime scene--where one was the victim and the other was the perpetrator. Other times you might catch them performing in what look like animal masks on their jumblies (nope, it's paint). But no matter what they are--or aren't wearing--they are always making great music. Vag rock anyone?:

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