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"They're on dope and dog food."

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And you wondered why Boise City Councilor Alan Shealy wasn't going to run for the U.S. Senate this year? It's not just because the race will be peopled by political heavyweights or because fundraising is a bear. It's in part because of the above bomb, dropped by Shealy to BW Editor Shea Andersen in an interview about the Boise Police Union negotiations with the city.

Shealy definitely has a way with words, as befits a man with degrees from both Harvard and Oxford. You can sometimes almost imagine a V-neck sweater draped over his shoulders as you listen to his plummy voice discuss the issues. Never mind the fact that he's a diligent pursuer of budget information, and has a razor-keen mind for details on city contracts. If he's not careful, he could wind up nothing more than a footnote in city politics. The dope and dog food quote was a classic example of Shealyisms. He was referring, of course, to the scorched-earth "negotiation" tactics employed by the BPD's lead union representative Kip Wills, who himself isn't shy about slandering city leaders.

After a few in-your-face gambits by Wills, Shealy had had enough. "If they think that's going to help their cause, they've got another thing coming. I think they're on dope and dog food," Shealy said. The story, written by News Editor Deanna Darr, made the rounds of talk shows, blogs and eventually other media outlets, eventually resulting in a "reader's opinion" by Shealy in the mea culpa pages of the Idaho Statesman. Round here, councilor, we believe in not mixing our drugs and our pet kibbles, and we advise you to do the same before talking to reporters.

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