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It's fun to say, isn't it--"SESqui"... "sesQUI"--but add it to the front of a word and you've got the makings of the kind of vocabulary magic Treasure Valley residents have readily latched onto. It's a fair bet that few of us had ever uttered the word "sesquicentennial" before the city of Boise and the Idaho Territory marked the auspicious 150th anniversary this year, but since then, that tongue-twister of a word has jumped to the front of everyone's expanded lexicons. There's not only the sesquicentennial, but Boise's Sesqui-Shop, and of course, you mark the occasion with a sesqui-celebration. Or is it a sesqui-versary? Maybe a sesqui-palooza? Whatever it is, we're sure "sesqui" has plenty of shelf life... at least until 2014.

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