Best Place(s) That Used To Be McDonald's

Lush and Lucky Dog

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We will openly admit that, on occasion, we can be food elitists. The lack of fast food and the plethora of decent dining downtown means it's actually pretty easy for us to maintain our eatery snobbery—but even we know where the Golden Arches used to be (hey, they make delicious fries). Though there's still one Micky D's on the outskirts of the grid, two of them have gone through transformations which are, in our humble opinions, for the better.

What was a Super-Sizer (before it was creperie Square), is now Lush, a joint with a hip atmosphere, open garage-door walls, low-slung furniture and a fire tube, throwing off any trace of the space's former fast food incarnation. The slick nightclub doesn't seem like it could have ever been anything but.

Lucky Dog was in a place so tiny, it should have been called Lucky Puppy. They just recently moved to another ex-McDonald's spot, giving the everyone-friendly bar some much needed elbow room.

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