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Listen, ladies, a pap smear is among the best reasons to spread eagle. Cervical health is important. But when is stripping down for the gyno's annual exam for no good reason? Anytime you find yourself at Walgreens, that's when. In fact, if you've showed up at Walgreens hoping to score a pap smear, you might as well walk into the nearest bar and ask for a breast examination. In April the ass hats on Fox and Friends said on air that you can get a breast exam and a pap smear at Walgreens. Did you miss the stirrups on aisle five, too? Come on, right there between the greeting cards and Halloween candy, you can't miss 'em, apparently. Walgreens issued a statement correcting the complete inaccuracy of Fox's statements, but that didn't stop a flash mob of women from showing up at Walgreens all over the country inquiring about gynecological services. Word to the wise, ladies: When it comes to your lady parts, don't take any advice from Fox.

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