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Do you have a pressing need to hex your neighbor or are you just in dire need of some chakra therapy? There's something so completely fascinating about a shop full of crystals, dragon statues and pendants sporting symbols from every belief system from Zoroastrianism to Buddhism. The selection of pro-Wicca bumper stickers is impressive, but it's the wall of tarot cards that captured our fancy. Who knew there were so many options in divining your future! There's the vampire tarot, the King Arthur tarot, the wolf tarot, the witches tarot, the goddess tarot and even our personal favorite, Lord of the Rings Tarot. The good news is that you don't have to leave your future to twist in the metaphysical winds. There are professionals who can help. Check the store's schedule to find out which tarot card reader, palm reader or other divination specialist may be on hand to help you in a karmic emergency.

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