Best Place to See Late-Night Sixth and Main not at Sixth and Main

Eighth Street Between Bannock and Main Streets

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The Barmuda Triangle (that clutch of bars at Sixth and Main) has a reputation for being the downtown spot where sports-themed ballcaps and big muscles chase tiny dresses and high-heeled shoes. Sometimes the former drinks a little too much, and when one set of muscles thinks another set of muscles is muscling in on his high heels and tiny dress, things get physical. The other end of downtown is not immune to the tiny-dress/testosterone action but with all-ages hangouts Dawson Taylor and Pie Hole, Boise's busiest gay-friendly dance club, prime busking spots in the vicinity and the under-21 set adding their vibe to the area, it's the perfect place to pull up some sidewalk and watch it all and see why Austin, Texas, does not have the weird market totally cornered.

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