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Jay's House of Style

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One complaint we often hear around Boise is that it takes a long time for certain things to reach us: musical movements, culture and, especially, fashion. Maybe the people doing all the complaining are shopping in the wrong places. At Jay's House of Style in the mall, you can find everything you need for the poppinest kickinest (or whatever the young kids are saying these days) ensemble around. Owner Jay Puentes stocks brands like Famous Stars and Straps (a.k.a. FSAS), G-Unit, Sean John and Akademiks and is a super decent guy as well. If you're a parent and have no clue what to pick up for your hip-hop progeny, stop by Jay's and let them help you keep peace in the family. Maybe you think the clothes the kids are wearing these days are just too much, but remember when you begged your mom for beads and a furry coat like Janis Joplin's? Or a red leather jacket covered in buckles you Michael Jackson wannabe? Or tore the sleeves off your new sweatshirt and danced around the house singing, "Maniac?"

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