Best Place to Get Blood Pressure Pills, a Bottle of Bay Rum and a Pair of Surprisingly Attractive Orthopedic Shoes

Ladd Pharmacy

Staff Pick

It's tough to remember a time when pharmacies, now mostly corporate entities, more closely resembled their apothecary ancestors--back when your town/neighborhood drugstore was family owned and the pharmacist knew you by name. Ladd Family Pharmacy is compact, clean, staffed by friendly people and as modern as any big-chain pharmacy, if not more so. Ladd's is one of the few accredited compounding pharmacies around, meaning its pharmacists can add flavors to, change the delivery method of or change the strength of medications to suit a patient's individual needs. If that weren't enough, Ladd's also has a small but interesting selection of toiletries on hand and a rack of Dr. Comfort orthopedic shoes, some of which are as cute as they are comfy.

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