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It's hardly horse pucky to say drinking, smoking and gambling go so well together. The trifecta comes full circle if the correct order of finishing horses is selected, resulting in a huge payoff. The impressive equines at Les Bois Live racing track come from all over the country, and some are homegrown right here in the Gem State. It's easy to get lost in the shuffle of throwing back spirits while sprinting between the grandstands and the betting window. With total handle (wagering) for the 2007 season at well over $2 million, (, it's big-time here in Boise. At the blast of the bugle, signaling that betting is over, spectators belly up to the barriers to watch the powerful beasts go speeding by on their way to the finish line. The energy in the air is magnetic, matched only by the cigar and ciggie smoke drifting freely about. But it's also a family affair, with children of all ages milling around. Some people like to take a long, hard look at the contenders in the staging area before they part with their hard-earned dollars.

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