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Boise Weekly Coldest Beer Testing

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Every year for the last seven, BW staffers and freelancers have trudged through some of Boise's best and worst pubs, taverns, clubs and dives with a thermometer in one hand and a scorecard in the other. We are but spokes in the wheel of the annual Boise Weekly Coldest Beer issue, spreading across the valley to measure the temperatures in nearly every bar in the valley. As we move from joint to joint, we wave to passersby many of whom shout out, "Hey! How do I get your job?" It may appear to be a dream occupation, and yes, there is definitely something to be said for a job that requires you to down a few cold ones. But anything a person has to do becomes work. Traipsing around town dealing with suspicious bartenders who aren't familiar with the annual event isn't all just fun and games. But it's all in the name of research.

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