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Each week, the crew at Pamela's in Eagle puts us through torture. On the surface, it looks like simple marketing, but they must not know the effect their weekly e-mail has on us. As soon as it pops into our in-boxes, the drooling starts. We don't even know what the weekly lunch special is yet, but already we're picturing beautiful plates full of spectacular, made-from-scratch food. Then, we open said e-mail, even though we should know better by now. Inside, described in painful detail, is a list of delectable sandwiches, salads and, of course, dessert. By this point, we're nearly weeping, trapped in our downtown Boise office, plotting the next time we can make it out to Eagle, where we will no doubt deposit even more drool on the pastry case full of the most beautiful cakes, cookies and assorted goodies imaginable. There may have to be an addendum to the Geneva Convention to include Pamela's weekly e-mails.

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