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Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter raising the call to take back the city

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We've got to hand it to good ol' Butch. Nobody rallies the Republican hard-liners like him. Earlier this year, Otter vowed to return Ada County and Boise to the control of the Republican Party and away from those nasty little Democrats. "The party's alive and well and vibrant and doing good, and we need it, especially in Ada County, especially in Boise," he said. "There's been some inroads there that I think just shouldn't be." As part of his spiel to the party loyalists, he urged them to become more involved in the race for Boise mayor, a race that pits incumbent (and Democrat) Dave Bieter, against City Council member (and buddy to Republicans) Jim Tibbs. "We need to resolve to make a difference in the next election," Otter said. "We need to take Ada County back because it belongs in the Republican portfolio." Funny thing is, the mayor's race is supposed to be non-partisan. We're just saying.

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