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The selection of cab companies in Boise is staggering. And even if you've never heard of it, rest assured it's licensed and legal. If you try to have a little fun at the expense of the cab companies, be prepared for vengeance to rain down.

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ran a top seven list containing city cabs we'd never heard of, and it turned out to be a catalyst for cabbie rage directed at us. Some of the drivers felt that it made them appear to be renegades; slapping a light and some decals on their cars and driving around town answering to no one. It could be a game trying to spot all the cab companies driving the streets. The luxury BMW SUVs, family vans, town cars and Chevy Impalas are just a few of the different types a fare could hop. Upon further investigation,


staff found that there are more than 150 cab companies licensed by the city of Boise. By comparison, Portland, Ore., has five.
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