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Pastry Perfection

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Mmmmm, German apple coffee cake so heavy your arms get tired carrying it to the car. Mmmmm, Danish dripping in icing and roughly as large as your head. Mmmmm, fruit tarts, glazed donuts, shortbread cookies and Bavarian cream-filled everything. Just because they're old-fashioned doesn't mean they're not good. Damn good, in fact.

We fully admit that at least one or more BW staff members have stood drooling over the long clear display cases at Pastry Perfection, dazed looks in our eyes as we tried to comprehend the array of sugar- and butter-laden treats before us. And we also admit that we've reached sugar overload just munching on the samples of cake (the size you would be served in a restaurant) put out on the counter. There is no use resisting the pull of desserts grandma would have made. Face it, resistance truly is futile.

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