Best of Boise: Part One

Something is very, very different in this, the 15th year of Boise Weekly's Best of Boise.

Yes, something was very different last year and the year before, but this year, it's a radical change.

In 2007, we introduced the all-online Best of Boise voting system and completely eliminated the existence of paper ballots from what we call reality.

In 2008, we went all local. No chains, no franchises. We asked that while voting, BW readers choose only those businesses that were locally owned and independent because we're interested in what's truly unique about Boise.

This year, in addition to keeping it all online and all local, we dug out a few sharp objects and cleaved ol' BOB right in two, editors' picks on one side, readers' picks on the other. After that, we confined them to two different weeks on the print schedule. So what exactly does all that mean? Every year, Best of Boise is Boise Weekly's behemoth issue of the year and in it, in addition to the results of the readers' poll, we published the sometimes tongue-in-cheek editors' picks. This year, we decided to publish two Best of Boise issues: first the editors' picks, which you hold in your hot little hands, and next week, readers' picks.

Go ahead, flip through this edition, you'll only see editors' picks. Go ahead, I'll wait ...

Want to know what BW readers had to say about the best restaurant or best band? Check back next week, when we'll publish an entire issue dedicated to those people who know Boise best: you, our readers.

For now, we hope the editors' picks get your appetite worked up for the big enchilada next week. The results are already in, and we've seen some very interesting winners this year.

--Rachael Daigle

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