Best of Boise 2015

The first, the best

It is with a mixture of excitement, pride and relief we present the 2015 Best of Boise. The relief isn't because we finally put this bad boy to bed but because the process was a little different this year. Instead of using a write-in ballot like we have in years past, we asked readers to nominate their favorite people, places and things and those were what we put on the ballot. We heard a lot of positive feedback about the new process, but not everyone likes change and we had plenty of pushback, too. We're cool with both. As a brilliant man once said, "If at least a few people aren't pissed at us, we aren't doing our job."

In the end, we think it was a sage decision to implement the new voting process both for us and, more importantly, for you. We are always looking for new ways to do what we do, knowing innovation and creativity are key to sustainability—but we are also always thinking about the reader experience. We know voting takes time and commitment and by having nominations, we (hopefully) reduced how long it takes to get your votes in.

Speaking of votes, you readers are the bomb. We received just shy of 200,000 total votes, which is a record. We are eternally grateful to all of you for participating in our biggest issue of the year.

Speaking of the year, we have more great stuff in the hopper. Our 14th annual Cover Auction is Oct. 15 at the Owyhee Ballroom. Admission is $15, and the auction starts promptly at 6 p.m. You can purchase tickets in advance (something we recommend) at Visit for more information. On Oct. 21, we will publish our inaugural Best of Boise Map, which will feature Best of Boise Readers' Choice winners. Also coming up are special editions focusing on beer, health, gifts, the holidays and the year in review.

Seriously, thanks for being a big part of this. We also want to sincerely thank the businesses, organizations and individuals highlighted herein. You're all winners to us. Now go make yourself a drink, find a comfy place to curl up and dig in. 'Nuff said.

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