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Best of Boise • Auditions for the Boise Master Chorale • The Core's Battle of the Bands


While almost 1,000 people have already voted for Best of Boise online, it's amazing that so few people have voted for their favorite band and best local band name. Hell, you don't have to even know anything about music to vote for the best band name. Below is a list of the top vote getters so far in each category. In comparison, the votes for the number one best local singer and best local musician total over 100. Perhaps you will be inspired to go vote at Remember: You must vote for at least 50 percent of all questions in all categories to make your votes count. Following is what the voting looks like as of now:

Best Local Band

The Rockafellas-4



Sandon Mayhew Trio-2


Best Local Band Name

The Rockafellas-4


Arch Goat of Sodomy-2


Play Like Randy-2

Wilt Chamberlain's Baby-2

Puh-leeze. Only four people in all of Boise think that The Rockafellas are the bomb? Hardly. Please get online and vote for your favorite local band.

Do you have an operatic singing voice but can't find "Madame Butterfly" in the binder at your favorite karaoke bar? The annual auditions for the Boise Master Chorale will be held August 22, 23 and 24 from 7 to 9 p.m. To schedule an audition, please call the Master Chorale at 344-7901 or go to

Boise Weekly and 100.3 The X are proud to sponsor The Core's Battle of the Bands. Each Saturday through September 3, bands take the stage at the Core and compete to see who's the best each night. After the last two rounds, this is easily one of the best battle of the bands in awhile. Rounds three, four and five are going to be just as great offering everyone a chance to see a plethora of good, local music. The event culminates on September 17, when the winners will perform at the XFest-a huge shindig that includes the winning locals and five national recording acts. XFest is gonna kick ass. Tickets are only $15 and are available at all Paul's Market locations.