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Gretchen Anderson's cell phone snafu

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Poor Gretchen Anderson. The PR person for Bogus Basin Ski Resort sent reporters a world-weary message last winter, to inform us that she'd gotten a new cell phone number.

"Not by choice—but out of trying to keep my sanity." It turns out that tax preparers Jackson-Hewitt picked a number that was just a couple digits off from Anderson's to use for their toll-free tax prep phone service. "I've already heard from a dozen, miss-dialing, (not-so-nice) customers who want to know where their tax returns are—AND THIS IS ONLY FEBRUARY!!!" Anderson wrote.

The techies at Verizon Wireless kindly offered her a new phone number, and Anderson, who may or may not have good tax advice to offer, got to get back to the business of hyping the skiing at Bogus.

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