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The author of About Grace, Four Seasons in Rome and Memory Wall is one of the friendliest people you'll ever have the pleasure to meet. Anthony Doerr is willing to give a fan at a book signing or a reading a moment of his time, even though his literary prowess has made him a very busy man. He has won nearly every award given to authors, including the O. Henry Prize (three times over), a Guggenheim Fellowship and the lauded Story Prize in 2011, as well as others too numerous to list. Doerr lives and works in Boise and if you were to see him on the street and recognize him from his dust jacket photo, you might be inclined to think him too famous to stop and respond to a breathy, "Oh my god. You're Anthony Doerr. I loved Memory Wall." You'd be wrong. He is definitely famous but a damned nice guy, too.

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