Best New Joint that We Think Opened Just to Make BW Happy

Willi B's Sandwich Saloon

Editors' Picks

We are convinced that Willi B's was opened specifically to serve BW employees. And we think we have proof. 1) It has daily specials, which include a sandwich, side and a drink for $4.50. 2) Other choices cost a little more. Like 45 cents or $1 more. 3) They are on the BW card, which helps us stretch our dining dollars. 4) Service is solid. Nice, attentive and fast. Solid. 5) Willi B's serves booze. Beer, wine and booze. And a bacon bloody mary (insert Homer Simpson drool sound here). 6) The name. The name is what really sold us on the fact that they had us in mind when they opened: Willi B's, Boise Weekly. WB, BW. See? See?

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