Best New Dining Team Whose Names Sound Like a Singing Puppet Kids' Show But We Say "We Don't Even Care" Because The Duo Is Doing Such Delicious Things by Supporting Local Food Producers and Delivering It To The Plates Of Boise Diners

Krick and Bopp

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First, the recent pairing of Dave Krick (Red Feather, Reef, Bittercreek and Front Door) and Andrae Bopp (Andrae's) as Flavor, Inc. is one kick-ass culinary duo akin to matching up a succulent filet mignon with a deep glass of Barolo. Second, these guys are the undeniable champions of putting local on the menu. Idaho-grown meat, dairy, herbs and produce feature heavily on Krick/Bopp menus, which means a meal in one of their five restaurants supports local restaurateurs, local producers and local bellies.

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