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Chef Lou's at 8th Street

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So maybe it's technically not BoDo, but who can keep all that business straight, anyway? We here at the old BW are just happy to finally have Chef Lou in our 'hood because what with all the burritos we eat from KB's (the fine burrito rollin' staff at the corner shop know what we're going to order as soon as we show up on their caller ID), we're gonna turn into burritos any day now. We digress. Once in a blue moon, we play a game of "How many staffers can we fit into one car?" and make the short trip to West Side Drive-in for fries and shakes, but now we can lick the goodness of Chef Lou's food from our fingers right here in good old downtown B-town. He's serving up all his favorites for breakfast and lunch, and soon enough, dinner will make its debut.

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