Best Musical Chairs: The Restaurant Version

Moon's Kitchen Cafe from Bannock to Idaho, Falcon Tavern from Idaho to Bannock

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When the owners at Moon's announced they were moving the more than 50-year-old restaurant out of its Bannock Street location, a sigh of nostalgia swept the city. Then we were reassured that, indeed, the soda fountain counter would also be relocated, and another sighed followed--one of relief. Turns out nobody cares where Moon's is as long as the counter is intact. The move has been, in our opinion, the best thing that could have happened to the restaurant. These days, it's a constant wait to get a table, and although the former location had some "charm," the new digs are an extreme makeover done well. Falcon Tavern, on other hand, shuffled a block north to Bannock Street for a little more elbow room. With a giant patio, rather than the sliver it once had on Idaho Street, the pub has been one of the busiest summertime hot spots downtown. What is it they say? Location, location, location? Must be something to that.

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